Lion Sister Schools Scheme

In 1981, Lions Clubs International District 303 Hong Kong & Macao, China initiated the "Lions Sister School Program" in collaboration with the Education Bureau to commemorate the "International Year of Disabled Persons." Our district and clubs sponsored approximately sixty special needs schools. This program aimed to establish "sister alliances" between these special needs schools and regular schools, where both schools would hold joint events. The expenses for these activities were shared by the district and the clubs. Originally planned as a one-year initiative, the program's remarkable success led to its transformation into a permanent service of the Lions Club. Since 1997, Lions Clubs International District 303 has been fully responsible for implementing this social service program, which has been highly successful over the years, garnering support and participation from numerous schools and clubs. Each year, the clubs voluntarily donate funds, and some sister schools have become long-term partners. This year, the program has expanded to include schools in Macau.

Targeted Beneficiaries
The program aims to have each participating Lions club sponsor a special school, including schools for the visually impaired, hearing impaired, intellectually disabled, physically disabled, multiple disabilities, and hospital schools. Each special school will be paired with one or more regular schools. Teachers and students from both schools will collaborate to organize various recreational and educational activities. The objective is to foster mutual understanding and lasting friendship between the students of the two schools. This enhances the social integration skills of the special needs students and enables the regular students to interact with peers with different abilities and needs, embodying the concept of "inclusion".

Collaborative Partners
With the assistance of the Education Bureau, the Lions Sister School Program has become an annual event for Lions Clubs for over thirty years. The hosting of carnivals for disabled children has been strongly supported by our District and Leo Clubs, and the scale of the event has grown significantly, benefiting an increasing number of participants, thereby providing evidence of the program's success.

After more than thirty years of implementation, the Sister School Program has laid a solid foundation under the leadership of past presidents. We will continue and expand with the active involvement of more Lions Clubs and students. The Lions Sister School Program invites all Lions Clubs to participate and sponsor more than one pair of sister schools. 

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