Lions Anti-Drug Foundation


Our ‘Lions Anti-Drug Cadets’ were formed by the Lions Anti-Drug Foundation in 2009, when the problem of drug abuse among young people in Hong Kong attracted much attention and the school drug problem became increasingly serious. In that year, our founding officers upheld the Lions’ spirit of ‘We Serve’ and responded to the government’s appeal of a ‘territory-wide anti-drug campaign’. We organized the uniform groups into an anti-drug force. Immediately after, we actively set up ‘school teams’ that consisted of young students in some secondary schools to participate in the anti-drug publicity and education work for their counterparts. ‘禁毒先鋒,以我為先!’ was the slogan taken by our Lions Anti-Drug Cadets, which implied the dynamism of the team as a pioneering force operated from top down.

Vision and Development

Young people are the pillars of society in the future. Our Lions Anti-Drug Cadets place emphasis on the development of positive values among young people in moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic aspects. We also focus on discovering their leadership potential so that they can become the future leaders of society. We further interpret the English letters ‘L A D C of the short form for ‘Lions Anti-Drug Cadets’ into ‘leadership’, ‘ambition, ‘dedication’ and ‘confidence’, which become the core values for the training of young students. Along with the changes in the new senior secondary education system, our Lions Anti-Drug Cadets keep pace with the time in the building of the ‘school teams’ by adding new elements into the training of young team members in accordance with the ‘Other Learning Experiences’ (OLEP) projects.

In order to expand the community service function and to strengthen organizational development and team building, our Lions Anti-Drugs Cadets specially form the ‘district team’ at the community level in order to absorb members of the community to get involved in our anti-drug charitable activities.

We observe great importance in team building culture. We developed the ‘Honor Guard’ of the Lions Anti-Drugs Cadets and held the first historic rifle drill in mid-September 2012. The mission and value of the ‘Honor Guard’ are ‘the guarding of justice, integrity, the team and honor’. Since then, the flags of our ‘Honor Guard’ have often been waved during the events of the Lions Clubs and the community. This symbolizes the active participation of our guard in charitable services.

Large-Scale Anti-Drug Activities

Since its formation over the years, the Lions Anti-Drugs Cadets have primarily started from the development of ‘school teams’ that mainly consist of students before reaching out to the community. Later, we even serve the whole society. Our anti-drug education and publicity work have made a lot of contributions at the community level. Over the years, we have held several territory-wide, large-scale anti-drug activities and played a part in the promotion of anti-drug awareness and the education and publicity work of preventing drug abuse among young people. We have held:

(1) The inauguration ceremony of the Lions Anti-Drugs Cadets in Tsim Sha Tsui District Kaifong Welfare Association on 26 June 2009;
(2) The ‘為禁毒,作先鋒之嘉年華’ co-organized with the Eastern District Council in the Victoria Park on Hong Kong Island East on 17 January 2010;
(3) The ‘Halloween Carnival’ in the Chater Garden of Central on 30 October 2010;
(4) The ‘Anti-Drug Artefacts in Modern China’ which revitalized anti-drug messages by means of heritage exhibition. Roving exhibitions were held in various districts after the opening ceremony in the Hong Kong Jockey Club Drug InfoCentre on 11 February 2012;
(5) The ‘Anti-Drug MV Competition 2014’ which brought into full play the creative inspiration for drug prohibition; and
(6) Since year 2013, we have organized a dynamic and creative ‘Anti-Drug Dance Competition’ annually on The International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking (26th June). We plan to develop this competition to a larger scale, hopefully reaching to international level.

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Anti-drug Dance Battle Regular Training

Visits and Exchange

Promotion and education work on anti-drug have no boundary. We collaborate with local anti-drug agencies and many non-governmental organizations and maintain liaison with anti-drug enforcement agencies in the neighbouring regions. In the past, our Lions Anti-Drug Cadets had organized foreign delegations that included officers and young team members to visit anti-drug agencies, anti-drug education events in schools and anti-drug voluntary work units at community level in places like Zhuhai and Guangzhou. Also, we observed their works on humanity and economy as well as historical remains about drug prohibition there. Overseas visits can broaden the horizon of our members and enhance friendships and exchange valuable experiences in the anti-drug promotion and education among regions.

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