Lions Nature Education Foundation

The setting up of the Lions Nature Education Foundation was approved by Lions Clubs International in 1991. The redevelopment of the Lions Nature Education Centre under its sponsorship was located in southern Sai Kung, covering an area of about 16.5 hectares. Formerly a government farm, the land was officially designated as Tsiu Hang Special Area in 1987 and developed into a nature education centre. After raising over HKD 8 million in a few years, the Lions Nature Education Centre was established in 1991. Apart from providing education on the ecology, the Foundation had been cooperating with Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department to set up different fields and garden facilities in the Centre with a beautiful environment.

Since early 2009, the Lions Nature Education Foundation had become the cooperative partner of Hong Kong Geopark in applying for global geopark. During the application period, the Foundation had given strong support to both the new facilities of the geopark in the Lions Nature Education Centre and the various kinds of books / promotional materials about the conservation of landforms and rocks. In ‘Geopark Visitor Centre’, students can learn about geology in ‘Rock Classroom’ and allowing tourists to touch and observe rocks of Hong Kong in a relaxed manner in ‘Rock Academy’. It has become a popular outdoor spot for tourists and students studying natural sciences. The Foundation has been committed to the promotion and conservation of nature and geological education in Hong Kong.

The Global Geoparks Network supported by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) announced its acceptance of Hong Kong Geopark as a member of the Network at the 10th European Geoparks Conference in Norway on 17 September 2011. The park was officially named ‘Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark’. Since then, the Foundation’s promotion and protection of ecology had become more diversified.

In September 2014 and April 2015, under the leadership of Chairperson, Past District Governor Lion Tommy K. C. Leung, more than a dozen members of the Foundation went to Zigong Geopark of Sichuan, Sakurajima, Mount Aso and Itoigawa Geopark of Japan to visit and experience, thus facilitating exchange between parties and broadening the knowledge and vision of members.

The Global Geoparks Network held the ‘4th Asia-Pacific Geoparks Network Symposium’ in San’in Kaigan Geopark of Japan in September 2015 and announced that Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark had successfully passed revalidation and would continue to be a member of the Network. Being a non-governmental organization (NGO), it is an honour to be the cooperative partner of Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark. The Foundation looks forward to go beyond Hong Kong and continue to promote nature education.

List of Past Chairpersons:

1990-1992 Shun Lok Nin, Past District Governor
1992-1993 Paul Fan Chor Ho, Past International Director
1993-1994 Tam Wing Kun, Past International President
1994-1997 Albert Wong, Past District Governor
1997-2000 Choi Pat Tai, Lion
2000-2002 Judy Sin, Past District Governor
2002-2003 Phileas K. W. Fok, Past District Governor
2003-2004 William S. Y. Leung, Past District Governor
2004-2005 Anson Yau Siu Yuen, Lion
2005-2006 Tony T. N. Chan, Past District Governor
2006-2008 Kenneth K. T. Chan, Past District Governor
2008-2009 Albert Wong, Past District Governor
2009-2011 Shun Lok Nin, Past District Governor
2011-2013 Teresa K. F. Mann, Past International Director
2013-2015 Tommy K. C. Leung, Past District Governor
2015-2018 Barbara Chan, Lion
2018-2022 Cherry F. C. Tam, Past District Governor

Lions Nature Education Centre :

The Centre is managed by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department. Apart from introducing fish, insects, different types of shells, ores, rocks and crops in sea areas of Hong Kong and around the world, the construction and exhibitions of the Centre also include teaching kits on the ecology, activity rooms and tree planting area. All these aim to educate people about the concepts of environmental protection. The ‘Deaf Cafeteria’ of the Hong Kong Society for the Deaf is the first restaurant jointly run by normal-hearing persons and persons with hearing impairment. Apart from serving Chinese and Western food and drinks, the restaurant also provides comprehensive training to hearing impaired persons so as to equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to work in the catering industry. By providing and assisting in employment, it facilitates hearing impaired persons to integrate into society. The Centre has the following attractions:

Exhibition Halls: Displaying the resources and development of fisheries, agriculture and countryside
Insectarium: Enabling people to know about the abundant species of insects around them
Shell House: Displaying more than 6,000 types of beautiful and dazzling shells
Field Crops: Seasonal gourds and vegetables, beans, root crops and fruits are planted in the fields.
Dragonfly Pond: Providing naiads and imagoes of dragonflies with habitats for growth, reproduction, foraging and rest
Specimen Orchard: Collecting more than 30 types of tropical and subtropical fruit trees, most of which are species found in South China
Arboretum: Species collected include local camellias and azaleas, plants discovered in Hong Kong for the first time, trees from fung shui woods and subspecies of conifers
Chinese Herbal Garden: Cultivating more than 300 types of Chinese herbal medicine, thus enabling people to know about valuable medicinal plants
Nature Trail: Cultivating many species of plants commonly seen in Hong Kong
Geopark Visitor Centre: Displaying the brief history of geological activities in Hong Kong and specimens of rocks and minerals from Hong Kong and other parts of the world

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