LCI District 303 (Hong Kong & Macao, China)

Our District, approved by Lions Clubs International, came into being in the fiscal term 1960.

Our Objectives are to encourage service minded people to serve their community without personal reward or gain and to serve their fellow men by giving their sympathy to those in distress, their aid to the weak and their substance to the needy.

The 3 earliest clubs which were actually chartered before the District came into being were:
Lions Club of Hong Kong (July 18, 1955) - known as Lions Club of Hong Kong (Host) since 1961
Lions Club of Kowloon (June 19, 1959)
Peninsula Lions Club of Hong Kong (October 17, 1959)

With the continued efforts made by Lions over 60 years, Lionism has been well developed and recognised in Hong Kong and Macao, China.

There are now 91 Lions Clubs and 52 Leo Clubs in Hong Kong and Macao, China with more than 3,000 members. Leo Clubs are sponsored by individual Lions Clubs.

The Leo District was formally inaugurated on June 17, 1979. Leo stands for "Leadership, Experience and Opportunity".

It is our privilege to invite you to participate in our "Friends Of The Lions"