Lions Eye Bank of Hong Kong

The Eye Bank has been founded by the Lions Clubs International District 303 and Hong Kong Ophthalmological Society in 1962. It is a charitable organization with the mission to promote eye care and help the blinds to see. Besides providing "Eyes", the Eye Bank also provides eye examination and treatment to the public through its "Low Cost Eye Clinic".

The Lions Eye Bank of Hong Kong (Eye Bank) is the only organization in H.K that promotes "Eye Donation"; the Eye Bank also serves as the collection, screening and distribution center of "Eyes". "Eyes" are donated by those deceased persons, as the most precious "Gift of Sight" which can help the blind to see again through transplantation. Since 1992, one thousand HK people have donated their eyes. But three hundred patients are waiting for "Eyes" each year. As estimated, there are more than 400 patients on the waiting list for corneal transplant – the only way that they can see again. The Eye Bank set a target of collecting 200 corneas for the year 2001 and increase to 500 in 2005. We have made our total commitment in increasing the supplies of corneas, with ultimate goal that all patients in HK can get their cornea whenever they need it!

In Hong Kong, cataract, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy are three eye diseases leading to blindness. Out of the 400,000 diabetic patients, many of them do not aware the danger of retinopathy - an eye disease caused by diabetes. Patients would suffer from vision loss and even blindness without any symptom. In order to increase public's awareness on this silent vision killer, the Eye Bank has set up the "Francis Pan Diabetic Eye Disease Screening Center" in 1998. This center provides eye-screening service to 1,800 diabetic patients each year.

Starting from 1 January 2000, the eye clinic, eye donation centers and diabetic eye screening center have been integrated into the Hospital Authority. After integration, the Eye Bank has secured its financial support and be linked up to resources within the Hospital Authority which largely facilitate the service running of Eye Bank's units. While the service spirit of Eye Bank as "Helping the Blinds to See" remains unchanged over the 40 years, the services got an new face by re-engineering for a efficient service delivery to meet societal needs. The Eye Bank is always "Growing"!

If you are interested in the services of Eye Bank, please phone to:
Administration Office: 2762 3076
Room 222, 2/F, HK Eye Hospital
147K Argyle Street, Kowloon

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