Leo Clubs

Leo Clubs is an international organisation. The Leo clubs in Hong Kong and Macao is Leo District 303, which currently consists of 54 Clubs with around 1200 members, age 18 to 28 years old, students or working youngsters.

Leo Clubs

L stands for Leadership
E stands for Experience
O stands for Opportunity

Through organising services and activities, Leos strengthen their leadership skills and broaden their horizon and international awareness, thus prepare themselves to be the future leaders in the society.

Organization of the first Hong Kong & Macao Leo Club

During Past District Governor Lion Hilton Cheong-Leen term of office in 1968 to 1969, Leo activities were budding. During that period, in response to International President Lion David. A. Evans’ mission, ‘Guidance to youngsters’, Lions Club of Tai Ping Shan and Lions Club of Hong Kong (Host) sponsored the organizations of ‘少獅會’ of Tai Ping Shan and ‘少獅會’ of Hong Kong (Host). ‘少獅會’ of Tai Ping Shan was the first Leo club to use Chinese as its official language in the world. Since then, more than 10 ‘少獅會’ were organized. In 1991, ‘少獅會’ officially named as Leo Club ‘青年獅子會‘. In 1992, Leo activities extended to Macao, reaching a new milestone to Hong Kong and Macao’s Leo Clubs.

Leo District 303

From 1970 onwards, various Lions Clubs were enthusiastic in setting up Leo Clubs, promoting Leo’s activities and services. A Leo District could be formed after number of Leo Clubs has reached to six. The Leo District coordinates all the Leo Clubs and enables to optimize different resources and further extends Leo businesses.

In 1978, District Governor Lion Peter W. K. Ho, together with District Leo Chairperson, Lion Wong Wai Hing and the representatives of six Leo Clubs organized the first meeting. In the meeting, the officers of Leo District 303 were elected. On 17th June,1979, Leo District 303 was established under D303’s sponsor. The establishment is the milestone of Leo’s activities in Hong Kong. The Leo District symbolizes the unity and collaboration. Leo District organises various activities, leading to better understanding of Leo Clubs in the community. This encourages more youngsters to join as Leo to serve the community.

Leo District Activities
Service Project

Every year, Leo District will coordinate all Leo Clubs to organise big service projects. Recent years projects are:
1911-12: Theme for Environmental Protection《綠色起「易」》
1912-13: Theme for Life 《惜生命‧永不倒 》
1913-14: Theme for integration of the disabled 《傷愛無界限》
1914-15: Theme for cherished food 《惜FUN享》
1915-16: Theme for observation in poverty《尋出不窮》

On the ‘Lions Service Day’ every year, Leos will promote the spirit of ‘We Serve’ by displaying their activities and services to the public in Hong Kong.

Lions International Youth Exchange Camp

Every year, Lions Clubs and Leo Clubs around the world will organise youth exchange camps. This allows young people and Leos from different countries to gather together to experience and understand different cultures. The participants have opportunities to join services and facilities of the Lions Clubs, enabling them to know more of the local lifestyle.


Convention is the annual meeting of Leo District. All Leo Clubs will send their delegates to attend the meeting. On the day, meeting agenda, motions and voting will be done. And most importantly, the election of District President and District Vice President will be elected.

Other Activities

Leo Forum – guests will be invited to share and discuss different topics such as: financial management, EQ management, advancement in academic and guidance in employment etc.

Membership development and training activities – such as annual exchange camp and various president training and leadership skill workshop.

Fellowship – such as spring dinner, district officers gathering and various recreational workshop.

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