Lions Music Foundation

Lions Music Foundation was initiated by D303 Cabinet Officers of the term in 2005. The aim is to provide assistance and encouragement to young people who are interested in song writing and to nurture local young composer through the sponsorship of Lions Clubs. After a-year long preparation, Lions Music Foundation was officially established in 2006, with Past District Governor Lion Ng Yin Nam as chairman. Members of the Foundation included Lion Paulman Tse Y. P., Lion Grace Fung, Lion Louis Shih Chia Loo, Lion Mak Wah Chi and Lion Fok Woo Ping. As the Lions Clubs International District 303 – Hong Kong & Macao, China was in its 50th anniversary during this period whereas renowned Hong Kong composer Mr. Joseph Koo Kar Fai was also in his 50th year in the music industry, the Club organized the first fundraising campaign in the theme of ‘獅子會情牽半世紀’ under Mr. Koo’s concert. The campaign had yield excellent result, raising over HKD 1 million. Later, the Club reached a consensus with Mr. Koo to establish ‘the Lions and Joseph Koo Music Foundation’ together with the objective of nurturing young composers.

The Lions and Joseph Koo Music Foundation raised funds for the second time in 2007 and held ‘顧氏三姐弟畫展’. With famous singer and painter Ms. Koo Mei taking the lead, the campaign successfully raised nearly HKD 1 million and donated to the Lions and Joseph Koo Music Foundation in full amount. However, due to operation issue, the Foundation parted ways with Mr. Koo and was renamed ‘Lions Music Foundation’. After obtaining recognition from the HKSAR government as charity fund in accordance with the charity fund laws, the Foundation was retitled as ‘Lions Clubs Music Charity Foundation Limited’

Starting from 2008, the ‘Music Foundation’ had awarded scholarships 45 times to the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) in 7 years and conducted overseas exchange study programmes, which included sponsoring songwriting students in the HKAPA to participate in a series of exchange programmes held by Fu Jen Catholic University, Taipei National University of the Arts, National Taiwan Normal University and Seoul National University. It had also sponsored Hong Kong students to participate in the Asian Pacific Week in Germany and the Contemporary Music Week in Shanghai where students performed their own work. Over 100 students had been benefited during the 7 years. The Foundation continued to donate HKD 400,000 in October 2015 in a 5-year installment to the School of Music of the HKAPA to nurture new generations of composers.

During the period, the ‘Music Foundation’ repeatedly made generous donations to the two Lions Clubs schools (Lions Clubs International Ho Tak Sum Primary School and Lions College) under the Lions Clubs International District 303 – Hong Kong & Macao, China for a total of HKD 400,000 to encourage primary and secondary school students to develop an interest in music.

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