Lions Nature Education Foundation(1989)

This nature education development project gained attention and started in discussion from November 1989. Until February 1990, the project received unprecedented support and eventually became the first natural education centre in Hong Kong. The Inauguration Ceremony of Lions Nature Education Foundation was officiated by Secretary for Home Affairs of Hong Kong Government Peter Kwang Yung Tsao CBE and District Governor Tam Wing Kun of the Lions Clubs International District 303 – Hong Kong & Macao on December 4, 1989 and then the Foundation financed the development of the 16.5 hectares land in Sai Kung into a nature education centre with more than HK$3,000,000. Officiating guest Mr. Adolf H. Hsu, J.P., Regional Secretary (N.T.) and District Governor Paul Fan addressed the Ground Breaking Ceremony on June 24, in 1990 and the Lions Nature Education Centre was established in 1991. With an aim to providing conservation and provision of countryside education, the Centre has worked with the Agriculture and Fisheries Department to supply specimens and models for display, and beautify the landscape with a variety of facilities and plantation. There are also exhibition halls such as "Insect Museum", "Shell House", "fishing hall", and "farm museum". Shell House is jointly sponsored by Lions Clubs International District 303, Shell Hong Kong Limited and Environmental Campaign Committee and now managed by Agriculture, Fishies and Conservation Department. On June 10, 1998, the Director of the Planning, Environment and Lands Bureau, Liang Baorong, presided over the opening ceremony. About 5,000 shells were exhibited in the house.

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