Lions Clubs Yau Tam Mei Youth Centre

Over HK$30,000 was donated by the Lions Clubs International District 303 for building the Lions Youth Centre for the young people at Yau Tam Mei, a rurual village in Yuen Long. (Note: One of the five youth centres organized by the PID   Simon K. Y. LEE, during his term of office as District Governor (1970-71).)

The Centre was officially opened on 5th February 1972 by PDG Lion Buddy Butt, representing District 303, and Mr Ting Fook CHEUNG, Deputy District Officer of Yuen Long. The Centre, a one-storey modern building, was equipped with a library and operated by the Yam Tam Mei School. A playground nearby at a cost of over HK$20,000 was built by funds from the Yuen Long District Office. At that time, Yau Tam Mei had a population of about 6,000. The Centre and the playground offered reading and sporting facilities for the students and youths.

We are pleased to announce that the true location of the Centre has been identified, but the Center has been vacant and in disrepair since the closure of Yau Tam Mei School in 2006.  

The Centre is currently managed by the Lands Department. We have already informed the department that we would like to resume the Centre and collaborate with local groups to serve local people in needed. Should we have any progress updates, we will inform fellow lions in due course.

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Lion Buddy Butt Opening the Centre Photo taken in front of the main entrance of the Lions Clubs Yau Tam Mei Youth Centre

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